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3D Positional Data Package

The 3D Positional Data Package allows users to collect the 9DOF data from the inertial measurement unit (IMU) embedded on each Clarius scanner.

Data Provided

  • Gyroscope information from X, Y, and Z axes
  • Accelerometer information from X, Y, and Z axes
  • Magnetometer information from X, Y, and Z axes
  • Precise timestamp to help correlate IMU data with the ultrasound images.

Data Rates

  • The pre-programmed IMU collection rate is 200 Hz, as imaging typically runs at 15 to 30 FPS, and each frame is tagged with multiple IMU data points.


  • IMU data is collected for the entire duration of the scan, where the maximum cine buffer is programmed for 30 seconds.


  • IMU data is automatically transferred (with proper Internet connection) to Clarius Cloud with the ultrasound images once the exam has been completed.


  • IMU data is tagged and stored alongside the captured image or cine clip.
  • With the Raw Data package, IMU data will also be stored in the raw data files that are collected from the scanner.

Listener API

The Listener API works like Clarius Cast, where multiple devices can view an ultrasound scan in real-time. The Listener API enables users to build custom software to receive a live ultrasound stream from a Scanner already connected from a Clarius App.

Data Provided

  • Real-time streaming of scan-converted B mode and Color Doppler images
  • Raw data such as IQ, RF, as well as IMU data cannot be streamed through the API.


  • The API must be running on a device that is already connected to the scanner's WiFi Direct. Alternatively, all devices can be connected to a local WiFi router.
  • The API must be programmed with the Scanner's IP address and the UDP streaming port in order to make a connection. This information can be programmed to be static to minimize program setup.

Data Rates

  • Data rates on WiFi vary. In most cases, the Listener API will be able to receive ultrasound images at the native framerate with little to no latency.

Buffering and Storage

  • It is up to the software written using the Listener API to display, buffer, and store images should that functionality be desired.


Raw Data Package

The Raw Data Package allows users to collect raw envelope (B-mode), IQ, and RF signals from the scanner. When raw data is acquired by the user, it is automatically tagged with the corresponding image or cine clip captured during clinical operation.

Data Provided

  • Pre-scan converted greyscale with a range of 256 shades of grey.
  • Demodulated IQ in signed 32-bit pairs.
  • Beamformed RF in signed 16 bit format that has been digitized at 14-bits (pre-beamformed RF signals are not available on Clarius scanners).

Data Rates

  • When collecting only B and IQ data, the raw data is collected at the native imaging frame-rate. When additionally collecting RF data, the frame rate is reduced by 15 to 20%.


  • Up to 30 seconds of envelope data, and up to 15 seconds of IQ and RF data (dependent on the scanner model and mode of operation).


  • Downloaded into the Clarius App after the image is frozen by capturing a single image or cine clip.
  • Data transfers from the scanner to the App may take up to 30 seconds, depending on the buffer size collected. During this time, real-time scanning is not permitted.
  • Raw data is automatically sent to the Clarius Cloud (with proper Internet connection) once an exam has been completed.


  • Raw data is tagged and stored alongside the captured image or cine clip.
  • On Android devices, users can export raw data onto the mobile device storage once the exam has been completed.


  • All data is acquired from the visible imaging sector.

Sales of remanufactured scanners are final. Clarius V1 produces exceptional images and comes with the latest Clarius software. As it is larger and weighs more than the new Clarius HD, it is not ideal for people with small hands, especially during long scanning sessions. (Clarius V1 weighs 540g and measures 6.6”x3.9”x1.6”)

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