Advanced Primary/Critical Care Package

Advanced Primary/Critical Care Package

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Available for C3, PA

The Advanced Primary/Critical Care Package offers additional automated tools and workflow solutions for common generalized scanning for FAST, eFAST, and whole-body imaging. It includes the following features:

Auto Heart Rate

Instead of using M-Mode and manually placing calipers, Auto Heart Rate analyzes the greyscale images in give a real-time heart rate output on the screen.

Auto Preset AI

Auto Preset AI uses Clarius' patented technique of recognizing anatomy at a macro level and then determining the best imaging preset to use. Save time and let AI guide your protocol in real-time.

Act One

Act One automatically creates a free animated video from the images and cine loops captured during an exam. The produced video can be easily sent, with patient consent, to their email as a FREE keepsake.


Sales of remanufactured scanners are final. Clarius V1 produces exceptional images and comes with the latest Clarius software. As it is larger and weighs more than the new Clarius HD, it is not ideal for people with small hands, especially during long scanning sessions. (Clarius V1 weighs 540g and measures 6.6”x3.9”x1.6”)

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